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We need Feedback!


We need feedback on our new site as soon as possiable! We want to know what content you would like to see on the site.

Some of the new features on our site:

  1. New Forum (Members only!)

  2. Brand now & re-designed Tech section with, reviews, How To's and more

  3. A sign up/login service witch will allow users who sign up for an account on our site access to our 'Members Only' pages, sneek peeks and more.

  4. Q&A questions page.

  5. More links and info then ever before.

  6. New newslettter/Email service <Coming Soon>


We now also update the site much more then we did with the last one, meaning that you won't be left with the same out of date info! There will be new content for you to look at.

Also, we felt that it will be better for us and you if we keep in contact more. We know have a fully working message/form service on our site - find it by going to the Contact page - we are also on Google+ and will be posting updates. We'll be popping up on other Social Network sites soon!


- The Hartley Prodctions CEO, Tech, Website, Blogging and R&D Team!

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