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App Review (App of the Day) - Facebook Messenger (Check your Facebook messages on the move)

Welcome to our App Review/App of The Day! We'll be briefly reviewing Apps and telling you what Apps you should be downloading to your device!

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Today the App is..... Facebook Messenger!

Have you ever wanted to check your Facebook Messages on the move? Well, the wait is over because now you can using Facebook Messenger!

The app is both for Apple (iOS) and Android uses (Google Play).

The app allows you to check your Facebook messages on the move all you have to have is internet to do so. The app is a great way for you and your friends to stay in contact with out having to use your minutes and texts.

You have to download the app from the app store if you have an Apple device such as an IPhone, IPod and many more. Also you can download it on any Android devices that use Google Play.

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