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App Review (App of the Day) - Google Chrome! - Log in & Surf the Web from Where you Left off!

Welcome to our App Review/App of The Day! We'll be briefly reviewing Apps and telling you what Apps you should be downloading to your device!

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Today the App is..... Google Chrome!

Google Chrome is a Web Browser on your laptop or computer made by Google but, it is also an app that you can download into your tablet and mobile devices.

Google Chrome is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on devices running Android. The great feature about the Google Chrome app or 'Chrome' as lots of people call it is that you can sign in with your Google Account and access all your favourites, history and all the tabs you have opened!

Just sign in to Chrome or create an account if you haven't already and start surfing the Web from where you left off on your laptop or computer. You can also sign in to Chrome in your laptop or computer and pick up from where you left off when you were using your mobile device or tablet!

Its an amazing app, and really useful for those who travel around a lot, beacuse now everything you search for and open on your computer, laptop, mobile and tablet are all in one place! Google Chrome!

The good news is Google Chrome is both for Apple (iOS) and Android uses (Google Play).

Liked this App Review (App of the Day)? Let us know in the comments and tell us what Apps you want to see on here!



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