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March Technical Issues - Fixed!

We posted at the start of March 2015 about our technical issues, we were unable to do much like updateing the site, making changes, psoting the latest tech news and more. We also had some issues when brodcasting LIVE on Radio55.

The technical issues have now been fixed! We are now able to update the site with all the latest tech news and more! We're also going to active on Facebook and Twitter, just like before!

A better broadcasting and listening experience for Radio55 has now been put in place.

We also have a better listening experience for Radio55, so you should be able to listen and hear us without any issues from our end! The only issue you may face is buffering whilst streaming us. You can catch up with Radio55 at any time by heading to

and also at

If you need to ask us anything you can contact us via the Contact Us page and filling out the form or feel free to follow and speak to us via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

-Hartley Productions.

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