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Windows 8 Game: Invaders From Space Win8.

For the last few days we've been searching the Microsoft Windows 8 App Store to see what amazing apps they have to offer. We have tried and tested some apps but there was one app that we think went the extra mile above the rest, and thats why we're writing about it! Read on for all the info!

As the title says at the top of this post, the game is called Invaders From Space Win8. Now, the name might not seem like much but, once you start to play the game you won't want to stop. Foe those who remember the old Space Invaders game its kind of the same thing. Yep, your trying to picture it in your head but, its not working, so hear is a picture from the Windows 8 game!

"Ah, yes" we can hear you say! "I can picture it now!"

Well, you are very welcome, a good picture makes everything better. As you can see, the game looks out-of-this-world with cool looking retro graphics! This is the big reason why we chose to tell you all and reveiw this game, the retro look and feel make the game!

There you go, hopefully this full on review will make you visit the Store and download it! Let us know how you get on by posting in the comments below and getting involved on Facebook and Twitter!



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