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We've all watched a BBC Channel before, now get up-to-date with all the latest from the BBC with

Almost everyone in the world has a TV or a device which lets you watch TV, and almost everyone of us has watched a BBC TV channel. If it be, BBC One, Two, Three, Four, CBBC or any other BBC channel.

The BBC has lots of accounts on Twitter to diffrent events, channels and shows. Sometimes, it can be hard keeping track on whats gong on, so now, the BBC has started Tweeting on a new (old) Twitter account.

Well, its not old - it was started it 2009.

You can see the @BBC Twitter account from the picture above. They'll Tweet and Retweet from and about all the other BBC Twitter accounts. E.g. BBC Sport, so you can see all of the latest from one Twitter feed. Now that's somthing to Tweet about!

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