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Whoops! The Apple Watch dislikes tattoos!

The Apple Watch hasn't been on sale for that long, and already, people who have brought the Watch and have tattoos might have a little issue on their wrist. Some functions on the new Apple smartwatch may fail to work if the Watch is worn over tattoos.

The sensors

Artwork with dark colours and darker coloured skin types can trick the light sensors on the back of the Watch when it is on your wrist. However, this problem isn't just with the Apple Watch.

On a support page on its website, Apple say, "The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings."

Also, "Permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can... impact heart rate sensor performance,"

What does it use?

Apple Watch uses green LED lights with light-sensitive photodiode sensors to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist. That can then be used to calculate your heart rate.

There have also been reports that heart rate readings are different from tattooed and untattooed wrists.

Don't worry! The problem dose not just happen with the Apple Watch. Other smartwatches and wearable devices that use similar sensor tech find it hard to work too.

As we can expect from every Apple device out there, the tech isn't low spec, its high spec!

So, will this put you off the Apple Watch, or even any smartwatch? Let us know below!

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