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Windows 10: Do More with Windows 10

You ready? Ready for Windows 10 that is? Yes, we are.

Microsoft's latest attempts to make you upgrade to Windows 10 sees them releasing a promo video to YouTube showing off all that you can do with 10.

Watching the video, looking at the facts and the Technical Preview, the video is spot on. Now, the message is clear, Windows want you to "Do More". Amazing! Yep, you can do more with 10!

WATCH: The Windows 10 Features video.

This video is also avaliable on the "Get Windows 10" program on the taskbar of your Windows 7 and 8.1 PC's, laptops and tablets.

The 9th July is coming, make sure to reserve your FREE copy of Windows 10 now!

The next Windows 10 post will be on the way soon!



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