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Windows 10: For your Windows Phone!? Here's the list...

Have you got Windows 10 on your laptop or PC yet? Yes, well, your Windows Phone could be the next to be getting the next OS from Microsoft Windows. Good, huh?

So... get your phone ready because here's the all important list!

The first phones to be getting Windows 10 are:

> Lumia 930

> Lumia 735

> Lumia 830

> Lumia 640

> Lumia 640 XL

> Lumia 540

> Lumia 535

> Lumia 532

> Lumia 430

> Lumia 435.

Wow! That's a lot! Have you got one of these listed above? Let us know on Twitter and in the comments below if you'll be upgrading!

Windows 10 will bring Microsoft's new web browser, Edge and also a better and inproved Action Centre. The apps you download will also work across both the Desktop and Mobile version of 10.

We'll have more features on Windows 10 as soon as possible! Keep check back here and on Twitter for more!



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