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Google: Google's New Logo

"Ok Google", that could be what you're thinking right now. Google's that clever nowdays, but, it's taken a team of skilled people to get it like this... Before we get into a History lesson, let's get back on track and remember the topic at hand, Google's new logo.

Google's changed over the past 17 years that it's been around, and the new Company logo marks yet another massive change.

Here's the new and inproved logo...

It looks good, and as anyone can tell, it's much cleaner and more simple then before. Great. It's fitting in more with the modern, and ever changing world. The ever-loved and knowen colours are there as well.

The little blue-background app icon with a white "g" in the centre is also going and in it's place is going to be the four coloured "G" that matches the new logo.

When saying the well known "Ok Google" command, the microphone isn't red or white anymore eathier, that's changed to the more colourful mic.

Google has changed once again, but we bet this isn't going to be the last time. Look out for further posts on about the new and inproved Google!



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