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Surface Pro 4 - release date and all the latest info you need to know!

The latest Microsoft Surface will be here on October 6. Not long to go, considering the date today! But, to get you ahead of this great event, we've put together this article to give you all the info about this, what we're hoping to be, a top end tablet!

Ok, ok.We know the above image is of the Surface Pro 2, but the idea is there. This image also proves how much the Surface has developed since then.

Lets get down to business then...

Out with the old and in with the new

The Surface Pro 4 comes with the all new Windows 10 which as we've seen before works very well with both touch and the good old mouse and keyboard.

The bits that everyone wants to know about

Here are three very important points that we think you'll be wanting to know about.

  1. What is it? Take a guess, its the latest Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft!

  2. When will it be out in the big wide world? We believe sometime in October 2015, very soon on the 6th!

  3. How much will it be? Starting at arounf £575 then moving on into £1,000 plus.

Massive Microsoft event happening in New York City with news on Windows 10 devices

Microsoft has a huge event happening on October 6th in NYC and there'll be some great news about the latest Windows 10 devices (Intel's Skylake processors might be getting into the new devices too!) ,including two new Lumia phone handsets - Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL - a slimmer XBox One and a nice looking Microsoft Band 2.

Surface Pro 4 Design & Size

There is a rumour spreading about Microsoft might be lanuching a 14-inch version of the Pro! Also with a 12-inch one. This'll mean that people can have a choice in which size they buy.

The Surface range of tablets from Microsoft have always been on the design and the way they look and we're hoping that there will be no change and we have always liked the design - and so have a number of people worldwide!

Surface Pro 4 Accessories

Brain Hall, who's the manager for amazing line of Surface Tablets and products tells us (and everyone else) in a blog post, that current aray of accessories for the Surface Pro 3 will indeed work for the Surface Pro 4.

The blog and other posts can be found here.

The accessories are:

  • The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station,

  • Today's Surface Pro 3 Type Covers,

  • "infrastructure" accessories such as the power adapter, Ethernet adapter and more.

Ths is good, the reason for that is because we assume that somewhere along the line, there will be new and updated accessories for the Pro 4 which means that the price for the current Surface Pro 3 accessories may be dropped, however, wo do not know this for certain.

Surface Pro 4 Tech Specs

First in this section, lets look at storeage. Just like the Surface Pro 3, the 4 could offer lots of options to suit the needs for everyone. Starting at 64GB then moving up the ladder to 128GB, 256GB and a great big 500GB!

There could also be some new accessories on the block, inculding a pressure-sensitive stylus. If this is ture, that would make handwriting and drawing in Microsoft's new web browser, Edge work really well.

Processors now, and there are yet more rumours in this part. Will Microsoft go for Intel's Core M processor? Or will thay go for the Core 15 and Core i7 ones which are more powerful? It is also a possibility that the 4 will feature the latest Skylake chips too, this'll mean that the Pro 4 will be a much better gaming tool than the Surface Pro 3 that had the Broadwell chips.

More about the Skylake chips

Skylake chips can handle 4K displays and also 4K UHD video output at 60 frames per second. The Surface Pro 4 is most-likley going to come with Windows 10 when you get the tablet out of the box, this means the Skylake chips would let you wake up the Surface by chatting to the assistant, Cortana.

Wow, that's a lot of information to take in there! We hope you find all this very useful and we'll be creating more posts and news on the Surface Pro 4 when we hear of anything! Enjoy!

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