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Apple iPhone 6s - 3D Touch Explained

The new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the latest and great iPhones from Apple, people from all over the world are using them, with the latest iOS of course.

So, put these two factors together, and you've got 3D Touch! Don't understand what is it? We didn't at first. Here's some info!

New sensors in iPhone recognises how much pressure you're applying on the screen, and from there, new actions start to form. They are called Pop and Peek. 3D Touch works mostly in the Home sreen. For example, if you lightly press on the Mail app, you can Compsoe new emails, see your VIP emails and more, them side your finger up to the option you want, then the action will be carried out.

As well as this, is also works inside apps. For example, pressing lightly on a photo shows a quick preview of it, from there, if you press a little harder, you can view the full photo.

3D Touch also works with third-party applications, but not all.

We hope you found this information useful! We'll have more on this soon.

If you want to know a little more, here's the official video from Apple, telling you all about it:

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