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BBC Three has Moved Online! Have you Gone There Yet?

Aw, it's a sad day for us, BBC Three and you guys as BBC Three has now moved online!

BBC Three: 9 February 2003 - 16 February 2016.

Yesterday (16/02/16), marked the last day as BBC Three being a TV Channel. Three has now moved online, its new home can be found here:

Programmes such as Don't Tell The Bride, Gavin & Stacey and Little Britain were first shown on BBC Three.

For many weeks now, Three has been showing this neat ad whilst on air:

It's a taste of what's to come for when BBC Three is an online-only channel.

There is a number of reasons as to why the BBC Trust have chosen to move Three online, one of them being that teenagers and younger people (the audience that BBC Three targets) watch a lot of telly via Catch-Up services - such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. You can also watch BBC Three live via iPlayer, a number of people have been doing this.

One of the other reasons as to why Three has moved online is because it's a big money saver for the BBC. It takes a lot of wonga to broadcast a channel on TV, even though it only woke up at 7pm-3am, then went to sleep again.

The money that the BBC save from pulling the plugs on Three will mean that more time and money can be spent on producing more shows and content, drama being a key factor. Three's only running programs will broadcast on BBC One and Two for 2-3 hours per week.

BBC Three's new home is live (online)- the channel is now longer broadcasting. Three do promise that new programs will be coming soon, such as the new series of "People Just Do Nothing"! We're looking foward to that!

BBC Three's move online will mean that the company will save £30m.

Don't worry, Three is popping up on other online sites and platforms! Here's the video posted on Three's YouTube account:

There have been lots of campaigns to stop Three from going online-only - these started back in 2014, when the BBC Trust started thinking about moving Three online.

E4 - owned by Channel Four (4) - mocks BBC Three in voice over indent. "E4... soon to be the UK's only free channel for 16-24 year olds..."

Video of this can be found below via @SaveBBCThree's Twitter account:

Hmmm... not very nice, is it, E4?

The final program to broadcast on Three last night was a repeat of the first ever episode of Gavin And Stacey.

Beacuse BBC Three is now online, it'll mean that programmes broadcast on Three, such as Little Britain, can be watched via BBC's iPlayer catch-up service.

New programmes for Three will be made available one at a time. This is unlike services such as Netflix where a whole series "box sets" can be viewed with all the episodes.

Another really sad bit of news is that, because Three is now online, the LAST ever 60seconds news bulletin was broadcast on Three yesterday.

BBC Three's last ever 60seconds news bulletin

Short films, blogs, news & sport updates and other fun content will now be on Three's new platfom: The Daily Drop. Other content will be done through BBC Three's YouTube channel and other social medua accounts, including Facebook and Snapchat.

Three's new logo (pictured at the top of this post), was revealed last month. This is because Three is/was moving online and the logo needed to be simple and viewed on all platforms (e.g. iPlayer, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter).

Original programmes being broadcast via Three's new channel online will be repeated at some point on BBC One or Two.

Whilst, like you, we're upset about Three not being on TV anymore, their new home can be found at New content cming up on there every day!

It'll take a while to get used too, won't it?!

See you online, Three!

We'll have more on Three soon! Keep up to date on Twitter: @Hart_Pro_Tweets and via



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