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DO NOT set your iPhone to 1 Jan 1970 - Your iPhone will be no More!

Don't fall for the Internet hoax because it'll leave your iPhone not working and will then become useless.

An advert claims that changing the date on your iPhone to 1st January 1970 will give it a retro design for your phone, however, it doesn't.

Changing the data will casue your iphone to permanently freeze. This bug affects devices such as the iPad Mini and Air 2, as well as iPhone 5s and any other model after that. Any iOS device with a 64 bit processor will be affected by the bug.

A fake photo of the retro design was posted on social media, this then made users want to change the data of their phone.

Users are supposed to be getting a 1970s-style multicoloured Apple logo and design. Changing the date on your phone will not make it retro.

What's more? Apple wasn't around in 1970, it was founded 6 years later.

The devices affected are:

  • iPhone 5s,

  • 6,

  • 6 Plus,

  • 6s

  • 6s Plus,

  • iPad Air 2,

  • iPad Mini 3 and 4,

  • The sixth-generation iPod Touch.



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