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Android Pay is Coming Soon to the UK!

Android Pay will be coming to the UK in a few months.

It is a new system that'll let Android users pay for items with their smartphones and a number of banks will be supporting it.

Barclay's isn't supporting Apple Pay, so we suspect that it won't be supporting Android Pay.

Mastercard and Visa Credit/Debit cards will be supported by Android Pay to start off with, then the following banks and building societies will support it.

The following banks and building societies that will accept Android Pay are:

  1. M&S Bank

  2. HSBC

  3. First Direct

  4. Nationwide

  5. Bank of Scotland

  6. MBNA

  7. Lloyds Bank

  8. Halifax

Other building societies and banks will support Android Pay at a later date, says Google.

Before using Android Pay, Android users will have to store their card info within the app. A fingerprint scan or password must also be used to allow the payment.

Android Pay works in the same way as Apple Pay and contactless bank cards. The system works by placing your smartphone near a wireless payment point, you'll then have to unlock your phone.

Apple's version, called Apple Pay, was released in June 2015.

Android devices must be running 4.4 (or higher) and be fitted with NFC (near field communication).

We're unsure as to when Android Pay will be available in the UK, however, Google has said that the system will work on London's contactless transport network as well as shops.

Android's Android Pay will start popping out in the US in September, the UK should then be next on the list.

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