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Do YOU Bank With Barclays? You Can Now Use Apple Pay!

Barclays customers can now use Apple Pay

The wait is over for Barclays customers as they can now use Apple Pay to, well, pay for stuff.

We've waited for this day to come and we know you have. The great news is that if you bank with Barclays, you can now use Apple Pay to pay for items. It's great, right?

Barclaycard customers can use Apple Pay too.

Apple Pay works on your iOS device. It's the app from Apple that lets you pay for items you buy in a shop, for example. Your card details and info is stored on your iPhone, so all you have to do is put your device up to the card reader. Simple. You've now paid! It works on Apple Watch too.

The annoying thing is, Barclays customers have had to wait almost a year after the system was launched, in July 2015. It works on iPhone 6 and above, as well as iPads.

Before Barclays have signed up to allow its customers to use the contactless payment system, other banks and building societies had already signed up.

Apple Pay is limited to £20 till September, after this, it will be upped to £30 payments.

Barclays, before signing up to Apple Pay, used its own NFC payment system, called bPay. Customers had stickers, keyfobs and wristbands. These allowed customers to make payments as they acted as little, contactless cards.

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