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The price for long-time Netflix subscribers is going up

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Netflix is increasing its prices for long-term Netflix subscribers.

There's no need to read it again because, yes, we said it right. It's going up by 50 pence!

Back in 2014 - seems like a long time ago now - Netflix said that prices were increasing for new subscribers that sign up to the streaming service. However, users already using the service could carry on paying £6.99 per month.

It's the most popular option and offers HD content.

From May, all customers will have to pay the brand new prices.

You'll now have to pay £5.99 to stream standard definition videos. £7.49 for HD content. This allows you to watch one account on two screens. £8.99 to be able to watch four different shows/movies or TV shows all at the same time on four different devices.

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