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Images, usernames and hyperlinks are removed from the 140 character limit on Twitter

Twitter is changing the way your Tweets work - the 140 character limit still remains though.

Videos, GIFs, photos and tweets that you quote no longer count toward the 140 character limit, meaning you can tweet longer messages!

This is the latest change to the social networking site, Twitter. In February of this year, Twitter started using a partly-algorithmic system instead of the long-time chronological one. This meant that certain Tweets were pushed to the top of user's timelines. It's an effort which means users can see tweets from the accounts they follow, as well as ones they may have missed while they've been away from the site.

Now, dropping characters from attachments such as photos and videos, is Twitter's latest attempt to bring more users to its network.

What's happening now?

Well, when you include someone's username (e.g. @twitter), it will no longer count toward the 140 character limit.

As well as this, attachments (which used to take up 24 characters) won't be counted anymore. This is great for you Twitter users as it means you can Tweet more.

One feature that we like the sound of, is the ability to retweet your own tweets. This isn't yet possible, however.

Do bare in mind that links that you include in tweets will still take up 23 characters of the 140 character limit in a tweet.

We'll have more on this soon. Keep checking back at for all the latest and remember to follow us on Twitter with @Hart_Pro_Tweets. Like hashtags? We thought so, join the conversation using #HartleyProductions



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