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Popular social networking site, Facebook, limits links from videos on website


Facebook's "click more" button doesn't take users to 3rd party sites anymore

This was a feature used to direct users to their own websites. (Those who used third party links) This has now changed in Facebook's policy - expect no one's been notified about it.

CTA's (Call To Action) links have been removed, but the good news is that Facebook is finding new ways to allow people to achieve the same "Stuff" that they did before this feature was removed. We should see an update a few months time.

Even though the "Click more" button has been removed, it still shows up if users are watching a video on a computer.

Users who upload videos are still able to add a text link, which will appear at the top or bottom of native posts with videos BUT, the link will not appear if the video is being watch in full screen.

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