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Addictive app alert! Ketchapp Basketball

We all have an app that's addictive, so here's another one to add to your collection.

It's called "Ketchapp Basketball" from the makers of Ketchapp, of course.

To be honest, when first loading the app, it looked like the Basketball game on Facebook Messenger with different game modes. Saying this though, it's a really good game and it IS addictive. No, seriously, it is!

Available on both Google Play and iOS, it's the perfect app to play on all your devices. However, we are unsure if it's on the Windows Phone platform.

What sets this game apart from the one on Facebook Messenger is that there are four main game modes: Endless, Time Challenge, Bounce and Multi Hoops. The only game mode currently available on the Messenger version is Endless, although when getting 10 balls through the hoop, it does move from side to side.


There's really no need to explain this one because it does exactly what it says on the tin: just shoot the basketball through the hoop. Simples!

Time Challenge

This one tries to see if you crack under-pressure. You've got 20 seconds to try and get as many basketballs through the hoop. Beware, it does start to move left, right, up and down after a few seconds. Let's see if you can do better than us.


The idea of this one is to "bounce" the basketball against the wall AND get it in the hoop. We do seem to do better at getting the ball in the hoop first time round than in the other game modes. Wonder why?

Multi Hoops

What does multi mean? Yes, more than one hoop! This is where is gets really exciting because as soon as you get the first ball in the hoop, other hoops start to appear all over the screen and you're supposed to get the ball through as many of those hoops as possible, without the ball touching the floor.

You can also unlock new prizes and basketballs with the points and stars you collect. There is also the chance to spin a wheel to get a prize.

What are you waiting for, head to the Google Play store / App Store and get downloading! Here are the links:

For iOS: click here

For Android: click here

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