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Update time: Your Facebook News Feed will be changing, again


Something's always changing over at Facebook, and your News Feed is next

Everyone uses Facebook for different reasons, and everyone has different ways of finding out what everyone's doing. You could look at someone's timeline, message them via Facebook Messenger, or just look on your News Feed.

Now, though, it seems your News Feed is the latest feature in Facebook to change.

Your News Feed will now be focusing on posts from your family and friends, instead of seeing posts from publishers.

Basically, Facebook is saying that it's worried that people are missing out on posts from the people that matter in your life. The change will focus on showing more posts from family and friends and the people you care about. An addiction to this, it will show posts that Facebook feel you may be missing out on.

The new change will reduce the amount of posts shown to you by publishers. We have been waiting for this for a long time here at HQ. We feel that more and more of our Facebook feeds are being taken up my publishers, more so recently than before.

Facebook will no longer show you posts from publishers as much, and they won't appear as high up on timelines as they do now. Facebook does still understand that publishers and businesses still rely on Facebook users seeing there posts to get business.

One of the major reasons for this change is because Facebook are worried that people are posting and sharing less and less about themselves than before, and this improvement is a bit to try and get people to share and post more.

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