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Live in the US? iOS 10 lets you register to be an organ donor


When iOS 10 is released, Apple will allow US users to sign up and become an organ donor

The Health app is one of Apple's latest to come pre-installed on the iPhone and as well as iOS 10 coming soon, this will be the latest app to get an update.

Being able to sign up on the organ donor register will be made possible by an easy sign-up button within the Health application on iPhone. Since there is a shortage of donors in the USA, Tim Cook, (Apple's CEO) hopes this will get more people on the list and help save lives.

The reason for the sign up button in the Health app is due to Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, inc.

Jobs had to wait for a liver transplant in 2009. Sadly, he passed away aged 56, in October 2011 of pancreatic cancer.

US Government are trying to get more people to sign up to be an organ donor too, and by Apple adding the button in iOS 10, hopefully it will increase the number of people on the list, meaning more lives will be saved, as said above.

We are, as of yet, unaware if this feature will be rolled out to UK-based iPhones.

The ever-popular Health software will be updated with the organ donor sign-up button when iOS 10 is released in Autumn.

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