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Is this the CUTEST music video EVER?!

Summer is here and it's really going off in the Radio55 office and studios right now!

We know you love a good music video and we've been giving you that for the last few years. The big news is, there's now what is quite possibly one that won't be beaten for a long time.

The music video comes from the brand new tune from Tieks' ft. Dan Harkna: "Sunshine". It really does have those Summer vibes we're looking for right now, Trust us, we aren't kidding!

We'll cut right to the point here, it's basically 3 minutes of sausage dogs dancing. Yes, you read that right, 3 minutes of sausage DOGS DANCING! Aw, it's so cute.

Press play below and see it for yourself!

It's great, isn't it?!

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