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If you use an iPhone or iPad, you need to update it ASAP: here's why

Use an iPhone or iPad? You seriously have to read this

Apple say you need to update for iPhone's and iPad's as soon as you can.

They released a new version of the popular iOS platform and this update mainly focuses on security. Although is can sometimes be wise to wait and update your device a few weeks or months till you update. But, this time, we cannot stress enough, please update ASAP!!

Apple have released this update after spyware hacks in the Middle East.

If you don't know what spyware is, it allows hackers and people to look at what you're doing, see passwords, as well as listening in on calls and seeing your private texts.

And this is why Apple have released this update. In the Middle East, using a spyware link, someone was trying to gain access to a men's iPhone and this emergency update tightens the security on your iPhone.

The men was sent a text this month - 10th August - thankfully, he didn't click the link in the text message. If he did, the hackers could have turned the camera on and steal his personal info and data, as well as listen in.

This is why Apple are issuing this argent update. Please update your devices as soon as you can.

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