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Like square photos? Follow us on Instagram!

Follow us on Insta: @HartleyProductionsOfficial

More and more these days, people are using social media more than ever. Since we are already on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we thought we'd crop up on Instagram!

One of the reasons we did this is because got everyone is on Facebook and Twitter etc. some people are only on one or the other and so on. With this in mind, we thought we'd take to Instagram to promote our content more.

This way, everyone can get a dose of the latest tech and music news from everyone here at Hartley Productions HQ.

We'll be posting about the latest technology news that's up on We'll post random stuff on there too - so watch out for that! Links will also be put up on each of the posts so you can "read more".

Wondering where Radio55 are? Currently, we don't have a separate Instagram account up, so, they're sharing our one! It's like you have the best of Hartley Productions tech news and Radio55's music news.

We hope you'll join and follow us. Just search for @HartleyProductionsOfficial. As a thank you, we'll follow you back. You can also click here ( and follow us that way too.

Want more from Hartley Productions? Follow us on Twitter using @Hart_Pro_Tweets, "Like" us on Facebook - @HartleyProductionsOfficial. Keep checking back on the website, too.

Want more Radio55? Check out their page (and new website), Follow them on Twitter @Radio55Official and Follow on Instagram as well.



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