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Free iTunes Radio won't be for much longer, Beats 1 will be used instead

Apple will be shutting its ad-free streaming service on January 28th - called iTunes Radio. Instead users are now being taken to Beats 1. Apple lanuched Beats 1 alongside Apple Music back in 2015.

Users who subscribe to Apple Music can carry on creating iTunes Radio like stations, but will have to pay £7.65 ($9.99) per month which is the standard fee.

As well as this, iTunes Match users will apparently be losing their ad-free version of iTunes Radio as well. Apple Music offers a similar song matching feature, so users should think about using it instead of iTunes Match.

iTunes Radio was first introduced in 2013, in iOS 7. The main bit of iTunes Radio was that songs played on stations could be brought from the iTunes Store, they would then be added to your iTunes library to play whenever, just like any other song in your iTunes library.



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