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How To: Find Facebook Livestream Feature

Here is our really useful guide for finding the Facebook Lifestream feature!

1. Open the Facebook App and tap "what are you up to?"

2. Now tap "write"

3. Look at the bottom of the status update window. Alongside tag, photo and the emoji icons, there should be an icon that looks like the silhouette of a person with two waves around their head - tap that

4. Once tapped, it brings up a title page asking you to add a title for your livestream video. You can also choose which friends can and cannot see it

5. When you tap "go live", you have started broadcasting to your friends! A counter will appear in the top-left hand corner of the screen, it shows how many people are watching/viewing your feed

6. When you've tapped the button to end your live roadcast, a video of your stream will be posted to your Facebook profile and timeline

NOTE: The Facebook livestream feature is still being rolled out to all users, so not everyone will have it yet. Keep checking your Facebook app and you should have it soon!



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