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Lost an AirPod? It'll cost you £65 for a new one

Apple's new AirPods (UK)

Apple's made a big change to its latest phone, iPhone 7, and these are an extra. Read on for more.

The new Apple iPhone 7 prices start from £599. And for that, you don't even get the headphone jack! That's right, it's gone.

You can still listen to music and watch videos on your iPhone, using the built-in speaker. But, what happens if you want to use headphones?

The first option is to spend £159.00 for a pair of AirPods. (See image above). These are Apple's brand new earphones. You might be wondering where the wire has gone. Well, that's been given the chop as well.

The AirPods are now wireless, meaning you'll have to turn Bluetooth on when using them.

Although they come with a charging case, the small AirPods could seem like an item that gets lost. For some people they never loose things, but others, may loose them.

If this is the case and you have lost an AirPod already, get yer money ready because it'll cost you £65 for a new one. Yep, just one! Pricey, eh?

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