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Goodbye Vine. Hello Vine Camera.

It's true. Vine's closing the doors and making way for Vine Camera, but it's not all bad news. Read on for more.

Vine is closing because Twitter said enough is enough. Sad, we know.

Although it's going, you can still access the website and app. If you haven't got Vine Camera, make sure you have the latest version:

In App Store (iOS) - go to the update tab, find the Vine app and tab update.

Android (Google Play) - go to the "My Apps" section, find Vine, tap update.

You'll notice the app now has a black background as the green one has now gone. Vine's still here but now just has limited features. Things like: #BeyondTheVine are no more.

More coming soon. Follow and get in touch with us on social media and via the website for more and all the latest.



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