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Is there a new Samsung Galaxy S8 on the way?

Samsung Logo on Hartley Productions

We're not kidding when we say that there could be a new S8 on the way from Samsung, who's devices run using the popular Android OS.

Looking back, it doesn't seem that long since the S7 hit the stores and the online world of shopping. But the question we're asking, is: "What's new?"

Goodbye to the Home button?

This could be the case. The good news, though, is that this may mean there is more room for the screen. Only time will tell if the Home button's hitting the trash can.

Wireless could be taken further:

You've all seen that iPhone with NO headphone jack. Well, maybe Apple were on to something. It now seems that the S8 will have no headphone jack. From where we are sitting, there could be no more wires. Yeah. Like forever.

A better selfie camera:

As if there's not enough selfie pics on your Insta feed. Your selfie camera may be getting an upgrade. This'll really get you loads of likes. That's 100% a fact...

Bigger and better battery life:

Running out of juice is never, ever, ever good. Waiting for a charger, or just not having access to one till you get home. A longer-lasting battery is a yes for this device.


We hope so! We're going to keep posting about the new S8 because it's gonna be a big one. Post in the comments below as let us know what you want to see.

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