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Fingerprint sensor moved to rear of Galaxy S8

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be out soon, but can be pre-ordered now. If you're wondering where the fingerprint sensor is, we have the answer to that very question

Before the latest phone from Samsung was announced, leaked images and specs were all over the web. Many showed the Home button would no longer be an actual pressable button, and instead a virtual one - and yes, this in now the case. The S8's Home, active apps and back button are now virtual buttons located on the screen in the latest released of the TouchWiz interface which is Samsung's version of Android - or "skin" - as some people call it.

With this in mind, you may be wondering where the fingerprint button is. On the S6 and S7, it was located within the Home button. But this is no longer the case.

The answer? Well, the sensor, which is used to unlock your device without needing to enter a password, has now changed location and can be found on the rear (back) of the device.

There are a few problems with this, tough.

If you have a case, it might not mean that you can use it in the correct way. You my have to take the case off in order to use it. Very soon, we're going to be looking at cases so will soon see what it's like.

The senor is right next to the camera. For us, this spells trouble with a capital "T". Reason? Because you may find you start to smudge the rear camera a lot if you have 'big' fingers, or because you'll just be moving around locating the thing - and you don't want smudge marks on your holiday snaps!



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