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Could iPhone 8 be all screen? We think so

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iPhone 8 could be all screen. Yep, it could be true. Read on to find out more. Will we be saying "Goodbye" to the iconic Home button for good?

Apple took everyone by surprise when the iPhone 7 had no headphone jack, meaning you had to carry an adapter for wired headphones or part with more cash for their wireless AirPods. All this, though, meant that iPhone is thinner and lighter. This does seem good on paper and sparked mixed reactions all over the world.

The next biggest thing is new the iPhone 8 and everyone is talking about it. Samsung's S8 is basically all screen, they've even removed the buttons and made then virtual. This got us thinking - is Apple's iPhone 8 going to be all screen? Yes. Well, we think so anyway.

Goodbye Home button?

This could mean we say goodbye to the iconic round Home button that has been around ever since the first iPhone hit the shops. They may even make it virtual.

Edge-to-edge display

The iPhone is think enough as it is, getting as much screen in as can be possible. But, here's something else to think about - even more screen.

When we mean edge-to-edge, we mean it. If this does happen (and we think it will), you'll be able to see every pixel and colour in that beat of a screen. Great for watching blockbuster movies on the move.

Where's the fingerprint?

We thought the same too. Forgive us for pointing out the obvious, but it could be moved to the back... Unless it's built into the screen somehow.

These are all possibilities, but we never know what could happen. We'll have more on this when we get it.

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