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A new sign in page for Google is coming soon

Google is informing us of a new sign in page that could be on its way very soon

Many Google accounts have been made ever since the service launched. If you make Google accounts, you may have noticed a message at the bottom of the page.

Below, is the old sign-in page:

Old Google Sign-In | Tech |

So, what has changed?

The look has changed. It will now look the sane across all devices; mobiles, tablets and computers. You still sign-in like before: using your email address, phone number and password.

New sign-in hopes that the process will be faster and that it will have a clean and simple look. As said above, the page will look exactly the same across devices.

The new page will be visible soon. If you cannot see the page, you need to check if JavaScript is turned on. Check if you are running an older version of a browser. It may be worth updating it if you can.

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