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There's a new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active on the way...

New Samsung Galaxy Tab Active on the way | Tech | Samsung | Tablets |

We are a huge fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active for a number of reasons: the battery life is great, decent size screen, and it's built for outdoor environments and business use.

The first ever Samsung Galaxy Tab Active was launched three years ago, with entry level specs. One huge selling point was that the Tab Active is aimed for business use, and when outside. It comes with a rugged case, so you can choose if you want it on or off. There is also the option to add an external keyboard: great for when you're onsite and need to send out a quick work email, or write a report.

The tablet is dust and water resistance, as well as being shock proof, too. The tablet was available as Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi with a mobile data connection (3G / 4G).

There are reports Samsung are working on two models. Specifications of these new devices are not available yet, but when this information comes to light, we'll be sure to post it on here and keep you updated!

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