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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! Here's all you need to know

Apple's iPhone is 10 years old today and has changed phones and mobile technology forever.

iPhone was a cross-match between the iPod and various iPods at the time; including the iPod Touch, and iPod Classic. The iPod has come in various forms over the years and is still here today. The iPod started out as a line of portable media plays and small, powerful pocket computers.

Enough about iPod, we're getting back to the iPhone.

10 years ago, on June 29 2007, the first ever iPhone went on sale! Before it hit the shops, though, in that same year, Apple's famous founder and CEO at the time, Steve Jobs, stood up in front of a huge crowd in San Francisco to announce the game-changing news of the iPhone.

Thanks to the iPhone, even if you love it or hate it, it changed smartphones, apps, media and of course, the screen we touch.

The first ever iPhone

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This (above) is the first ever iPhone. Yes, the first ever one!

You can see from the design that if looks very different now. The iPhone 7 doesn't even have a headphone jack! Gosh, Apple must consider the 3.5mm jack 'old hat' now.

The web browser (Apple's Safari) was launched here. Great. Because iPod came before the iPhone, it meant that the iPhone was part iPod, too. You could play and add music to it using the iPod app.

There was a difference. For those that know, an iPodis not a phone: it''s a media device. So, the 2007 launch brought with it the fact that you could call and send text messages on the iPhone. Amazing.

Moving onto the specs, the iPhone had some of the best at the time. One element of the iPhone 7 that is focused on a lot is its dual, rear, 12 megapixel camera. You think that's good? The first gen iPhone had a 2 megapixel camera! And there wasn't one on the front. From the above image, you can see the iPhone did not have a flash.

On the first iPhone, there was no video recording functionality. Only photos. There was also no QWERTY keyboard and no GPS.

Another big thing everyone wants it masses of storage to store all those selfies and pictures. Well, press your finger on the shutter because that babe of an iPhone up there had 8GB of storage built in! That was great 'back in the day' and you could store everything you could ever dream of.

Screen size: 3.5 inches. This pocket rocket really could fit in your pocket, and anywhere else, really. Please can phones go mini again? Please. As if this device couldn't pack in anything else, it had one of the best displays and a pixel resolution of 320 x 480.

Taking a look at apps, well..... there weren't any. No third-party applications. They were not allowed on the iPhone at the time. It's hard now to imagine an iPhone, or indeed any other smartphone without an app store.

Operating system wise - the words "iOS" didn't exist. Instead, it was just simply called "iPhone OS".

Release dates for the first iPhone varied a little between the UK and US. In the US, it Launched on the date (29 June 2007) and in the UK it Launched in November 2007.

That's some pretty great stuff there. We absolutely love the first iPhone for a number of reasons, but because it has changed phones and mobile tech, and as far as smartphones and technology go, it's a date we can sure mark on the history books!

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