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Instagram takes your friends "Likes" right to the top


If you use Instagram, you may have noticed something a little different.

Ok, it isn't a big, big change. In fact, it's a rather small one.

A lot of accounts follow a number of people, some, only a small amount. When a post that you post to your Instagram account is "Liked", and the same as when your account "Likes" another accounts photo, all of this can be seen when the "Likes" button is tapped at the bottom of the post.

From there, you can see how many accounts have liked it, as well as see the accounts name, profile picture and account name. You can also see if the account follows you or not.

Before, you have to scroll through the likes for that particular photo to see if any of the accounts that you follow have liked the post. But, this is no more!

Now, instead of scrolling for hours and hours, you can see if any of the accounts you follow have liked a post.

To do this, just tap the "Likes" button, and they'll appear right at the top.

Something simple and small that we wanted to share with you.

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