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Taylor Swift Must Be Making A Return To Music

Taylor Swift on

Since 2014, Taylor Swift has been rather silent on the music front. But, now, it looks like she could be making a return!

A few days ago, posts started to vanish from all of the social media accounts. Fans started noticing that lots of her posts on Facebook, from 2015, were going.

Many posts you delete on social media cannot be recovered, only re-posted. It seems that we may not be seeing any old content from Swift again: only new stuff, which is still yet to come.

The last album that Taylor Swift released was "1989" - back in 2014. Since then, we have not seen any new content, nor posts.

Hits from 1989, and older albums, include: Blank Space, Style, Shake it Off, 22 and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. The music videos, thankfully, still remain on streaming services such as YouTube.

At one point, we thought she may be leaving certain social media platforms, or possibly the whole thing. One of the latest singers to do this is Ed Sheeran. He has left Twitter twice already.

Whilst here accounts were empty for a few days and hours, there is a 10 second video on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account of what seems to be a snake sliding across the screen. Her website and Tumbler account are blank and empty, with just a black screen.

The profile pictures on of her accounts are blank, too.

Taylor Swift Twitter

On Twitter, she still retains her 85.4M follows and her 102m followers on Instagram: having only 1 post, and following only 1 other account.

Checking YouTube and other related sites, there doesn't seem to be any other clues of what's going on.

We think this could be the return of Taylor Swift, and of course, we'll have the latest right here as it happens!

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