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Taylor Swift is back!

Taylor Swift Instagram

Taylor Swift is finally back for 2017 as her social media accounts have a life again!

Read on for more.

There is now a total of 6 posts on her Instagram account. Three are videos, the others, pictures, but what does it all mean?

We haven't heard from Swift for a while, and no music has been released since her hit album "1989" with songs such as "Shake it Off", "Blank Space" and "Style". The videos are available on streaming services such as YouTube. This seems to be the only account that has not had all of its content wiped.

Staying on t he music subject, we won't have to wait long for new music as a brand new Taylor Swift track is being released TOMORROW!! We're SO excited and cannot wait to hear it.

The new album is called Reputation, being released on November 10, but we expect there is going to be a single or two dropping before the big release. Where will this the new single end up in the Charts? We'll just had to wait and see.

Taylor Swift

It looks like we can expect new artwork, too. Swift's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile picture have changed, and there's even a picture on it on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. We're sensing the artwork is going to be, somewhat black and white.

The snake videos must be a sign of what's to come, and could mean very different things as to what's to come. Is the first single going to be all about snakes? Is Taylor talking about previous relationships? We just don't know!

Don't worry! We'll bring you more Taylor Swift news as it happens.

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