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Reset your iPhone Passcode

Forgotten your Passcode? Don't worry, Apple has many ways in which you can reset it

It happens to us all at some point, but, thankfully if it does happen to you, Apple have some ways in which you can reset your passcode. In this How To post, we're going to explore these.

This also works for other i devices, such as the iPad and iPod. We recommend backing up your device as there is always a chance that some data could be lost. Whatever option you go with, your device will be reset to its factory settings.

Use iTunes

This is a good option if you've synced your device with iTunes on that particular computer. Go ahead and plug your iPhone in. (Yep, you've gonna have to find that cable). iTunes may open automatically when your device is connected, or you may have to open it manually.

If it asks you for a passcode, use another computer. Because you can't remember it of course. Choose the recovery option if you have no luck. iTunes will then make a backup of your device.

Next, press the Restore button. When your iPhone is restoring, a screen will show up, you can select Restore from iTunes Backup.

You're almost there. The final step is to select the most recent backup from iTunes. If you're unsure of what backup to select, look out for the date & time.

Change your Passcode in Settings

When you first buy an i device and set it up, you will be asked if you want to setup a passcode. You son't have to, but we think it's best.

To change your passcode at anytime, or if you decode to set one up, go to the Settings app. Find the option that says Passcode & Touch ID (that's for setting up fingerprints). You will then have two options: Change Passcode or Turn Passcode On.

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