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The Text Bomb that can crash your iPhone

iPhone text bomb | Hartley Productions | Tech |

There is a "text bomb" that can crash iMessages app. The bug affects iPhones, iPads and other devices running iOS 11.2.5.

The above character, from Indian language, can crash Apple devices (iPhones, iPads and Macs) that are running iOS 11.2.5.

The character, when sent by someone to your messaging app can crash the app, meaning you won't be able to open the Messages app on your Apple devices. On Macs, the Notes app is also affected. When clicking the apps, an error message pops up stating that the app has crashed and cannot be opened.

Please do not open the message as if crashes Springboard. Springboard manages the Home Screen of your chosen Apple device.

The bug also affects Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and Outlook.

Even if the character is pasted into an application, it'll crash. If you open the app (e.g. Outlook) again, you will have no luck as the same thing will keep happening.

The only way to get back into your apps and stop your device from crashing out, is to get someone to message you. Then, delete the conversion that has the buggy symbol in.

The glitch is going to be fixed when iOS 11.3 is released in the next few months.

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