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WhatsApp's Delete For Everyone feature gets better

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature | Hartley Productions |

We've been able to delete WhatsApp messages on both 1 to 1 and group chats since October 2017 but now it's about to get even better.

Before this, that was it. If you've sent a sexy snap to your mum, you'd just go red in the face and explain yourself later on. Now, though, you don't have to worry about that.

We did only used to have seven minutes to delete the message. But, this is about to change for the better, and we aren't just talking about ti being upped to 10 minutes...

The other good thing is that it works the same way as it does now when deleting a message. To delete messages, hold the message, then press "Delete". You will have the option to just delete it from your chat (everyone else can see it still), or press the "Delete for Everyone" option. This deletes the message for everyone on the chat Other users in the chat will know that the message in question has been deleted as it'll say "This message was deleted".

In the latest update (WABetaInfo found out in a beta version), you'll have over an hour to delete that message! We aren't joking here! It works out as exactly being 68 minutes and 16 seconds - so loads of time to work out that you have posted the wrong message in a group chat meant for work.

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