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Windows 10 helps take care of your eyes during the dark

The Windows 10 Creators Update has brought in yet another great feature, and this time, it's looking after your health whilst you work in the dark.

With more and more of us using tech everyday, for different purposes, and at certain points during the day, there has always been health issues around using it, when to use it, and when to switch off.

Thankfully, for those who use their Windows 10 devices during the night and dark hours, can now rest easy at night.

That's all thanks to a new "Night light" feature in the settings of you r PC, laptop and with Windows tablet.

As the night light feature states: "Screens emit blue light, which can keep you up at night. Night light displays warmer colours to help you sleep".

This, really is like any blue light app that's installed on your mobile phone. Or like the built in blue light filter that's on your iPhone or Android Samsung phone. Great apps for filtering out blue light, inducing: Blue Light Filter and Twilight (not the film!).

To use the blue light "night light" filter in Windows 10, follow the below steps:

1. On the Desktop, or in Settings, find and select "Display Settings",

2. Select the "Night light settings" option (you can also toggle the filter on and off from here),

3. From here you can control the feature and filter.

You can control how much of the blue light that'll show on the screen by using the slider and you can also schedule times when it'll turn on and off.

In simple terms, blue light can affect your sleep, so blue light filters will turn your screen a sort of red-ish colour in order to keep the blue light at bay and help you sleep.

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