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Are Samsung going bezel free?

Ok, not everyone is asking the question - but we are! Are Samsung going bezel free? With their latest phone releases, it looks like they might be.

Bezels are the borders between a screen and the frame of a phone. They have been around for a while. Well, since the first phone was released really.

Bezels allow us to grip our phones so that we don't drop them and also house extras, such as the headphone jack (remember that, Apple?), speakers and the charging port. And, depending on what colour you buy your phone in - black, pink, rose gold -, the bezels will most likely match that colour too.

As technology moves on, the products do as well. You'll have noticed recently that new smartphones from the big, popular brands like Apple, Samsung and the new range of Google Pixel devices, one thing that's on the mind of the companies and us, the people that buy them, are the bezels.

Apple. for example, have ditched the small round Home button on the new iPhone X, that sits nicely at the bottom of the phone, allowing you to go to the Home Screen, double tap to use the multi-tasking feature and tap and hold for the voice assistant, Siri.

The first bezel thin phone from popular Android powered smartphone maker, Samsung, was of course the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The home button, return and multi-tasking keys, which all sat on the bottom bezel of the phone, have all gone and are now part of the phone's software instead. You'll see a small bar at the bottom with those actions so you still can go back to the previous screen and multitask. If you're worrying about the fingerprint sensor, it's still here! You'll find it on the rear of the device.

It's the same story for the latest and long-awaited phone in the hot S range: the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Whilst doing our research, we also found another range of Samsung smartphones with seems to be joining the bezel-less gang: the brand new Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+. The A8 is also the first phone from the A range of devices to go bigger and have a + version. Its brother and sisters are the A3 and A5.

The A range of phones from Samsung are almost like a slimmed down version of the S range. Budget like, but at a great price. They're still fantastic handsets to own and you still get all that Samsung for your money.

The A8 and A8+ feature the Infinity Display and come in a choice of four colours: Black, Orchid Gray, Gold and Blue. The fingerprint sensor is on the back of the device, under the camera, just like that of the new S9.

Thanks to the Infinity Display's 18.5:9 ratio, it is the biggest display for the Galaxy A range of phones.

So, from all the above, it does look like Samsung are leading the way and are going bezel free, which we like.

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