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HOW TO: Loop (repeat) a YouTube video

We've all been there, you're listening to your favourite new tune, it ends, when you've got to go back onto YouTube and play the video again. That's no more. Find out below how to keep it spinnin' on repeat.

Or maybe you want to feel like you're watching a six second Vine clip again, in a loop, on repeat.

Here's how to keep it looping and on repeat. It's so simple!

1. First, go to YouTube ( and find the video you want to put on repeat

2. Click on the video and wait for it to start playing

3. Now, right click on a space in where the video is playing

4. A list of options will show up, press the option that says "Loop".

All done. Now a tick will show next to the Loop option. You can still pause and resume the chosen video at anytime.

It currently only works on the YouTube website (not on the mobile app).

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