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You can now add links to accounts and hashtags in your Instagram bio

Instagram now allows you to add even more to your bio - in the form of account names and hashtags.

It's true. You can now add Instagram account names to your bio, as well as hashtags.

There isn't really much to say, but now, when going to your Instagram profile within the app (available for Android and iOS), you can add in Instagram account profile names and hashtags.

It's very easy to do: open up Instagram and go to your profile. Click the "Edit" button, near the top right hand. In the section that says "Bio", add in hashtags and Instagram account names. Wait for the changes to be applied.

Now, when you click on the hashtag, for example, #HartleyProductions, or account name, for example HartleyProductionsOfficial, you will be taken to the account or hashtag! Simple.

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