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Keep us (and other pages) in your Facebook news feed

Facebook is making a change to our news feeds, again...

Toward the start of 2018, they've made yet another change to Facebook news feeds around the globe, and it means that you might be seeing as much content from pages you've Liked as you used to.

There is, thankfully, a very easy way to keep us (and other pages) in your Facebook news feed.

On your computer. laptop or desktop (

Find our page then click the "Following" button, located on the right hand side of the page, then click "See First".

On your phone (using the Facebook app):

Tap on the three dots (...) that brings up another menu with various options, scroll through the menu and select the option that says "Prioritize who to see first".

As with anything, you don'y have to do this. You can do this for as many pages as you want. We'd love to do it for ours so you can keep in the loop for the latest tech news, reviews, how-to's and other stuff from us at Hartley Productions, and of course from the Radio55 Team.

For more tech news and reviews, follow us on Twitter @Hart_Pro_Tweets #HartleyProductions and Like us on Facebook and Instagram @HartleyProductionsOfficial. As always, keep checking back on for more.



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