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Anne-Marie - 2002

Here's yet another great track from Anne-Marie, and her debut album which dropped on Friday!

The moment we've all been waiting for happened on Friday: Anne-Marie's debut album dropped on Friday 27 April. Called "Speak Your Mind", it features all the hit singles, including: Alarm, Ciao Adios and FRIENDS feat. Marshmello.

There are so many great tracks on there, such as the ones mentioned above, but we wanted to share this one, it looks like it's gonna do big things on the charts!

It's called "2002" and looking in the comments on social media, it seems that lots of people whom were born in 2002 have been commenting on it.

We're yet to see a music video, but when it does appear, we'll be letting you know! The good news is, there is an official lyric video for the song. It's good cartoon like graphics of Anne-Marie singing along to the track, as well as the lyrics, of course.

Watch the official lyric video for 2002 below:

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