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Netflix introduces 'Skip Intro' button

New feature within Netflix allows you to skip intro's of TV shows

Everyone loves a bit of Netflix, right? The good news is that it's about to get even better, all thanks to a simple feature.

Some introductions on TV shows can be long - like listing the people who make it, or are the same (like in soaps, for example) - and you just wanna get into it, especially if you're binge watching!

Well, you can thank us and Netflix later because this'll put a smile on that face of yours. Go and open the Netflix app on your phone or tablet, and turn your smart TV on, find the programme you want to watch (that has some sort of intro at the start), wait for it to start, and then hit the "Skip Intro" button!!

Done. You have now skipped the intro and you can carry on binge watching. 'Only on Netflix', as they say.

We've been scrolling through Netflix and found loads that this feature works with and some that it doesn't. We are hoping that this feature will become available for more as times go on, and of course, we will be letting you know.

What are you waiting for? Get skipping and watching!

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