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You can now go thumb free when recording a Snapchat video

This has gotta be a good thing! Fans of Snapchat: keep reading as this is one for you!

We're always on the lookout for updates and new features in apps - and this time round, the ghost is in the spotlight. Yep, Snapchat.

We all know that users have not been liking the new app update, but it'll just take time to get used to it, so give it a chance. (We've kinda taken to it).

So, this new feature? Well this new feature (we think) what Snapchatters have been waiting for, for a long, long time. Currently, when you want to shoot a video on the popular social networking app, you have to press and hold the shutter button. If you let go, you can then watch the video, apply the filters, then send to your friends or add to your Story.

Now, this new feature puts an end to all that press and hold stuff. You can still press and hold (who wants to do that?) You can now start a video, then swipe your finger / thumb to the left (you'll see a little padlock) and you can now video for as long as you like!

Give it a go yourself: download / update to the latest version of the app and follow the steps above. You can thank us later.

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