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How to watch Stories on Instagram

Here's how you should be watching all your favourite stories on Instagram

There are so many stories on Instagram for you to watch. From the friends you follow, companies and all those celebs with dreamy holidays by the poolside.

What's the best way of watching them? Good question and one that we shell answer.

Open up Instagram and one of the first things you will see (apart from things that people have posted), are found circles for profile pictures of those you follow.

Tap on one of them, anyone you want. It will then open.

To move forward and look at other post that he been added to the said story, just tap the screen. If you want you can pause a story. To do this, just press on the screen and hold. When you have finished, just remove your finger and you can carry on watching the story.

If you want to watch a story again, simply tap the left edge of the screen.

To move onto another story whilst you're watching one, just swipe left or right. You can go backwards or forwards.

Open up Instagram and try it for yourself.

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